Tuesday, July 12th: Day 3

Temp 84, sunny, wind 10-15 kts with gusts up to 30. Small craft advisory until 10am tomorrow. There are ducks in a row, hanging low across the sky. The air is thinning so rain will be moving in. The barometric pressure is dropping and the temps will get hotter.

The wind and weather is certainly odd and has such an influence on us. The hollow sound in the wind is haunting. Behind us is a strip of beach and the surf crashes constantly there as the shore birds circle low. Even the seagulls parade it’s shore. The occasional bell rings remind me of our volatility. We adjust. Originally, we aimed but now we hope. As sailors we adjust more to enjoy the adventure not so much the destination. We are waiting for a favorable current.

We’re still moored on the Lee outside the entrance to the harbor on #118. We linger and have breakfast on the stern at the table Peter made for Tabasco. It typically mounts in the galley as a chart table and doubles as a dining table when setup. We’ve had time to reflect and get reorganized for sailing and for our personal needs. Living aboard presents its own challenges. I studied the paper charts to create waypoints and tuned in to the forecast and read the sky.

And see you rooks, how odd their flight, they imitate the gliding kite. And seem precipitate to fall, as if they felt the piercing ball. Twill surely rain, I see with sorrow, our journey must be put off tomorrow.


This afternoon we slipped in the drink to refresh and to test the flow. Then decided to row ashore a couple of hours before the sun went down. We walked the coastline on the Vineyard Sound side up to the docks. We had fresh shrimp cocktail and ginger brew. The surf pounded still on our return walk and delivered froth along the shoreline. We saw fuzzy baby shore birds and avoided the nesting area… It’s a breathtaking scene and quite exhilarating!

The plan is to head up Buzzards Bay next. There will be a light fog so we’ll wait for it to lift. We hope for a fine sailing day ahead. When we cast off, we’ll leave behind the quintessential charm of Cuttyhunk Harbor, the friendly folks, and the fragrance of Rosa Ragusa that permeates the air. This entrance bell can hold its toll for me…

Vineyard Sound

Day 4

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