Wednesday, July 13th: Day 4

A variable wind shifts from SE to S then W at 10 kts, with a high tide at 7am. Temperature in the mid-70s & climbing. Barometric pressure thickens as the early morning fog lifts. Late afternoon gusts of 15-20 kts with a 50% chance of rain.

Weather, weather, weather… I almost feel like the weather channel girl. We take chances to not let “possibility of” determine our course. With exceptions, for sure. We cast off this morning at 7am and headed up the west side of Menemsha and out into the vast blue of Buzzards Bay. The ducks move out slow and steady. Gel like cumulus clouds drifted into the Western sky. Stratus clouds puff up then dissipate against a clear blue sky. The ocean mixes up a pallet of deep, phthalo blue then blends into shades of permanent greens and cadmium’s the further we sail.

We ended up on a dead run with a S wind, most of the way. It was hot and we felt fried as it was a slow cross. After checking in with the corps of engineers for the Cape Cod Canal we realized that we were ahead of the slack tide and sought after a safe harbor. As we entered the basin of the canal we wrestled with a 6 knot current for an hour or so. Then decided to moor on Onset Bay. First order of business was a hot shower and then a grocery run. The wind picked up ~20s knots when we arrived. We rowed back against the wind.

We walked on Onset village and came across the most beautiful cottage with gardens of hydrangeas and daisies and the other flowers that complimented them. Marie and Rich have been living in the village for a long time. We enjoyed meeting and chatting with them. They told us about a concert on the bandstand. We walked into the oceanside park, sat on adirondack chairs, ate ice cream, and listened to music for a spell. The village didn’t feel touristy and possessed a hometown charm.

We also met Emma and Nate. They invited us to jump off the bridge with them and their friends. For a minute we actually contemplated the jump, but were content with our fresh clean skin.

Emma & Nate Jump In with Friends

We will enjoy a cold beverage on the stern, watch the sunset dip on another day and hope to return to the Canal in the morning.

Day 5

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