Monday, July 18th: Day 9

Small craft advisory 5pm today until 8pm Tuesday (seas 4-6 ft)

  • Wind SW 6, 8, 10 km/h from 8am-2pm; S 11-18 km/h from 4-10pm; Wind gusts from S 11am-2pm: 11-19 km/h; SW from 2-10pm: 35 km/h; Temp 72-78; Dew point 75%; Precipitation 56% chance of rain, storm pop in the afternoon; Next high tide 12 pm in Mattapoisette
  • Current position: 41.653079, -70.812332

Today is not a perfect sailing setup. We are trying to figure out where to shelter the impending storm… Next reach: 41.58438, -70.94512 New Bedford Yacht Club.

We hoisted the main sail on the mooring and lifted off; heading S,S at 5 km/h on a slack current tide. These expected wind gusts at 10-15 km/h we’re not overpowering. Heading for a safer harbor. In thin air the dew was high and the sea bluish shades of grey, that met somewhere into the sky.

We raised the jib, trimmed the mail sail, tacked across the bay at 5-6 km/h. All the while with perfect winds to give us a nice lifts. The fog hung around. Yet, the visibility was not bad at 10 miles ahead. We spotted the channel marker in 2 hours and arrived in a safe harbor at 10:30 am. Pope Island Marina called us to confirm our mooring-right at the same time we entered the channel. This was our absolute best hope.

We took a chance to beat the wind and it worked! So, we sit tight and plan to enjoy a well earned rest. We hailed a launch & rode in with a really great gentleman, Bill. Thank you for the land-side tips! The fog has lifted and the rain settles in…

Peter and I enjoyed a cozy lunch harbor-side at a quaint bar & grill sitting alongside the harbor across from the marina. We watched the New Bedford – Fairhaven bridge draw side-to-side. It spans across multiple lanes topside and opens a gate from Fish Island to Pope’s for maritime affairs held below… Another marvelous work of engineering. We were able to walk through Navigator’s Park before the rain set in again. We’ll sleep to the howling wind and sea laps against the birth. We rest in a cradle and dream about sailing again!

Navigator Park on Pope’s Island

Day 10

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