Sunday, July 17th: Day 8

Partly cloudy to mostly cloudy, Temps 73-85, West wind 5-11-13 km/h, gusts 9-19 km/h, 4% chance of rain, dew point 70, high tide 12:15, low 6:26 Onset Bay. Current position: 41” 44.323, 070” 39.318

Still thinking about our destiny, oops our destination…

Changes in Latitude: 41.653079 Longitude: -70.812332 (Mattapoisett)

Before we left this morning we had tea and muffins on shore. Peter said that he wanted to stop to fix something. I said, “Look at the wind, it’s a perfect sailing day. We should go.” He looked back and agreeably we wasted no time and headed straight to the dock. Later on in the day, he told me that he would make a fine sailor out of me, yet. To which I replied, “How does it feel to be the husband of a sailor wife? Did you mean: Lady captain?” Lol

A flock of cormorants were sunbathing on the rocks as we entered the CC Canal. We hit 2’ chops that foamed against the sea in a riptide. Even the aquatic birds sought refuge from the strong, tossing current beneath it. The sea calmed less than an hour later. Turning from lighter shades of green. We sailed W on a 6 km/h reach coming into the Buzzards Bay.

Tabasco on Buzzards Bay

Gust blew 15, 20 on a close haul all the way to Mattapoisett. We adjusted the main sail and were healing over, going to weather. Another fine day of sailing came our way! The wind velocity gusts hit 25 km/h once we arrived at the harbor entrance, and just in time to catch part of Old Harbor Day.

We met a nice gentleman, named Miguel while here. He said, “Your boat under sail, looks like yachting at its best.” He also told us about a pub on the waterfront that is known by sailors all over the world. If you come on by, you might just find us there.

We rested in the shade of an old cape and listened to the church bells..

Day 9

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