Friday, July 22nd

It’s a New Day/ I’m going to jump over day number, today…

  • Wind SSW 10, 20 nm/h, Gusts 4nm/h
  • Temp 94F, mostly sunny
  • Next high tide at 4:16pm

Peter and Markus are heading to New Bedford to complete Tabasco’s return. I spoke to Ingrid and she immediately stepped in. I am very grateful that Markus is taking my place. Ingrid and I will stay in touch with them as they begin Tabasco’s final leg of this journey toward home.

The last few days of our voyage were quite challenging. Overall, we experienced many beautiful days. The color of a green crystal sea is forever etched in my mind. Tabasco handled very well, as we towed her across the bay. She is still on my mind…

Tabasco Rides with TowBoatU.S.

Thank you, Ingrid for driving our husbands to Pope’s Island Marina. Thank you for your friendship!! Peter and Markus are powered up and ready for the passage. The journey has been plotted and they carry along a spare anchor!

Port to Starboard, red or green, buoys, lights, and light houses mark the narrow channels in or out. They will follow these numbered cans or markers to steer clear of shoals or nasty rocks.

From below the Cape Cod Channel up into Buzzards Bay, and passing the Elizabeth Islands into the Rhode Island Sound, they must travel with caution before arriving to the quieter winds on the Narragansett Bay. Any strong SW wind below this bay could present disaster. Strong winds around Woods Hole, the Vineyard Haven, or Oaks Bluff can get quite powerful and become hard to handle. Even the local fisherman stay home if the gusts blow 15, 20 nm/h.

They stow the gear and plan to leave at dawn. The trip will take about 10 hours…

Day 14

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