Sunday, A Day to Rest

It’s a new day, new week, new beginning. Tabasco is on her mooring. Never mind the tides, the wind, or the weather. Today is our day of rest…

Thank you, to all of those who followed us on this wild adventure. Your friendship means the world to us. Sometimes visible-other times not-we know you are there. Grateful, we long to see you here or out there on the bay. I will never give up my love for sailing. However, I will never sail the same. Right now, I need a change in latitude as I reflect…

The sun breached across the sea at dawn and lit a sparkle path. It followed Peter and Markus through just about a ten-hour course to home. Yesterday, the final leg of the journey was complete. Today, Tabasco halts steady on her mooring as we take time to throw back on shore.

Peter and Markus complete the final leg of our wild adventure.
Tabasco’s location is 41° 37′ 20.712″, 71° 24′ 59.112 until her mast is secure.

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