On this day (August 7) 101 years ago Alice (ex-Tabasco) won the Vice Commodore Cup for Sloops at the New York Yacht Club’s annual cruise during the run from Provincetown to Gloucester. Not a small achievement. She was owned by Gherardi Davis then, but sailed by sailing rock star Sherman Hoyt on that day.

Registry HMCO #632

Herreshoff NY30 #7 Tabasco

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Her Fleet
  • The 18 boats were built at an impressive speed
  • Of the 18, Tabasco is #7
  • Alera was built in 35 days and launched on January 3, 1905
  • Each of the other 17 were completed in 1 week intervals
  • All boats were ready for delivery by mid-April 1905
  • The Herreshoff Mfg. Co built 3 hulls at a time using molds
  • Thirteen NY-30 raced regularly during the 1905 first season
44′ Herreshoff NY30 Class

Nathanael Herreshoff, one of the great names in American boat building, made his mark at the turn of the 19th Century. The Herreshoff Manufacturing Company in Bristol, RI, was well known for its innovation and boat design. Not only did they change the face of sailing, but their boats, under the guidance of Nathaniel Herreshoff, also successfully defended five America’s Cup Challenges. 

Over the 67 year period that the Herreshoff Manufacturing Company was in business, more than 2,000 boats were built on one of the first assembly lines in the country.

 More than 400 of these classic boats still sail today!

A fleet of the one-design class-NY30’s were ordered by members of the New York Yacht Club and designed and built by the great Nathaniel Herreshoff & Company. They were launched in 1905, and became quite significant in the history of the New York Yacht Club. Their impact on the yachting world has been extensive and the individual histories of each yacht is remarkable.

The boats were raced hard and often. All 18 boats changed hands (and names) often, an the longest and original owner kept his Thirty was nine years.

The NY-30’s represents the first successful effort by the NYYC to establish an on-going proprietary one-design class. Tabasco is one of the original 18, New York 30s built in 1905. The fact that it is still afloat today is a tribute not only to the quality workmanship, but to the design and the materials that went into her construction. Tabasco is currently moored in N. Kingston, RI. Her appreciative owners are often seen sailing on the Narragansett Bay.

1905-1906: Tabasco, Owner: H. F. Lippitt; Port: NY

1906: Tabasco, Owner: W. Barklie Henry; Port: NY

1907-1916: (Re-named in 1912) Nepsi, Owner: Johnston De Forest; Port: Cold Spring Harbor, L.I.

1946-1955: (Converted to a yawl) Carolina, Owner: Thomas O. Woolf, Jr.; Port: Greenwich, CT

1955-1975: Charlatan, Owner: John B. Rogers; Port: Rowayton, CT

1976-2013: Helen, Owner: Edward Park; Port: Cos Cob, Greenwich, CT

2013-2018: Tabasco, Owners: P. Murphy, R. Crowley; Port: New Bedford Harbor, CT

2013-2018: Tabasco, Owners: P & L Murphy; Port: Allen Harbor: North Kingston, RI