Her Races

The Herreshoff Classic Regatta is an annual event drawing participants from around the world. Classic yachts, many of them Herreshoff designs, gather for a weekend of racing and social events each summer. Tabasco has been seen racing in the Regattas in Bristol, RI.

Tabasco has also enjoyed many racing events throughout its history since the 1920’s in New York and around New England. “It may be axiomatic, but nonetheless true, that two boats sailing near one another will eventually begin to race. American, and particularly New York, mercantile houses in the nineteenth century were unabashedly competitive, and their owners amassed great wealth. It stood to reason that these merchant princes built pleasure yachts which they raced at every opportunity. This racing was not for the fainthearted, for wagers of up to $500 would be placed on any given Sunday afternoon for a Hudson River or New York Harbor contest. This racing was ad hoc with no organization, and it was strictly boat-for-boat with the winner taking the wager.”
-NY Yachy Club, “Early American Yachting at on-line state.”

Day Sailing

With your permission, we will share photos from days spend sailing-with you. We are always excited to let go of the line and let the wind in her sails; as days spent sailing are extra days…

We enjoy sailing with the King family each summer. This one was recorded by Michael King: Riding with the King

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are asking our family and friends to let us know ahead of time when you would like to sail with us. We are only sailing with limited crew members at this time. We’ll work out the details for social distancing, and look forward to working out with our hands on deck.

Would you mind sending us an email to let us know when is a good time for you? We will coordinate your preferences, add you to our summer sailing schedule, then confirm the date.


Adventures on Narragansett Bay:

West Passage:
Dutch Harbor
Allen Harbor

East Passage:
Herreshoff Museum, Bristol
Newport Harbor

We hope to see you again next summer!
“Our days are numbered in the world they say, but times spent sailing are extra days. There is no time to the wind and the sea. Let go the lines and you leave behind the things a man thinks he owes for his time.”

Credit: Howard Davis from his song: *Days of Grace
*song is reminiscent of the style and sound of Roy Orbison. Lyrics are both poetic and fun, with excellent accompaniments…

Not all those who wander are lost.


Stay safe.

We look forward to sailing with you again this summer. Drop us a line or toss a ring…

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