We’ve Returned to Her

Finally, after this brief yet, necessary respite we’ve returned to her. Tabasco has taken a nap and I’ve also had a few… my nerves quieting all the way… It really is good to see her again, and I can hardly believe I’m saying that. A new focus includes seeing the wisdom of letting things lay. Since Tabasco is on her mooring-why not get out the ladder and jump in, to cool off. There are benefits to a floating mooring. Thank God the damage is actually minimal. Our experience was not. Oftentimes we’ve had to step the mast, anyhow. Once she’s lifted out her mast will come out too. That top half of the mast has met its stay (no pun intended.)

Another original mast is available, as of a recent conversation that we had with a sister NY30 owner. In all her glory she will revive! We have fabric for the cushions and I will make them soon. Peter has worked, as a labor of love, on so many of her parts! Her galley hatch is splendid as is the cabin below. We’ve had a very good run despite our recent wild adventure. It’s just a matter of time till she sails again!

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