Saturday, July 23rd, Day 14

  • SW Wind 6, 9 nm/h, gusts 12, 15 nm/h
  • Temp high 88, low 73, dew point 73°
  • Next high tide in Westport 3:22pm

Peter and Markus lift off the mooring in calm seas at dawn. They enter the channel by 4am and arrive in Westport by 7:30am. They powered at 4.5 km/h on the outgoing tide. Last night they anchored land legs; taking a 4 mile walk to find diesel and ice. Men like ice melting, opting for a soak in the setting sun. Later on, they escape the 97° heat. They may or may not have been knocking back a few beers-on deck…

Starting out at 3:30am the engine wasn’t ready. So, they headed back to the mooring but couldn’t grab it. The seas were rough. But, the engine reved up and they got underway.

They are now under the Newport Bridge!!


Making their way across the Narragansett Bay on the incoming tide at 5km/h… It’s a beautiful day for sailing here-with a SW wind blowing 8, 10, 11nm/h. As they make way to the Allen Harbor Marina dock, winds from each direction are slowly dying down. It’s nine hours later… We have stories to share. Hugs and butterfly kisses to you all!!!

Two men and a Navis have made it home. Welcome home sailors!! Tabasco has safely arrived to her home port dock. She will sport a new mast soon and the stays will all be replaced. We can’t wait to share more photos of her amazing journey these last two weeks…

Home to Rest

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